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All sorts of backyard swings

There's no greater joy than watching your kids enjoying a space in the backyard that was created especially for them. And no backyard play space is complete without the addition of a swing. There are essentially two kinds of outdoor swing sets available – metal and wooden. But deciding which type to purchase for your child can be tough. Here are a few things to consider before buying a swing set for your tyke.

Wooden swing sets can be a bit pricey – especially if they are customized with all the bells and whistles like rock climbing structures, slides, tire swings, walking bridges, rope swings, canopies and telescopes. It's not uncommon for parents to spend as much as $5,000 on an elaborate wooden swing set plan for their child. Wooden outdoor swings are made with durable wood such as redwood or cedar. So they are attractive, long-lasting, splinter-free and resistant to decay.

The more amenities you have on your wooden swings, the more outdoor space you'll need to accommodate it. So if your backyard space is limited, a simple swing is a better option. If the play structure is too big, your outdoor area will feel cramped, and the kids won't have the necessary space they need to run around or swing safely.

Metal Swing Sets

Metal swing sets are not nearly as elaborate as wooden swing sets because they can't be customized and they don't have as many features. But metal swing sets have the advantage of being cheaper and more appropriate for homes with limited space in the backyard. Most modern metal swing set models are made with durable materials such as galvanized steel, so they resist rusting, will last a long time and can hold the weight of adults.

There are some companies that manufacture low-quality metal swings with regular painted steel. But once the paint peels, the metal can corrode, rust and produce jagged edges that can cause serious injuries to children.

For safety reasons, swing sets should be properly assembled and anchored in the ground before kids are allowed to use them; otherwise the swings can fall over and cause injuries. If you are uncertain about how to install a swing set properly, leave the installation process to the pros.

You could also think about adding other play equipment, like slides or seesaws to your yard, if you have the space. Whether you choose the beauty of a wooden swing set or the affordability of a metal one, your children are sure to get years of enjoyment swinging in their backyard. 

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