Add an outdoor playhouse to your yard

An outdoor playhouse can promote imaginative play and social skills, as well as encourage creative thinking and improve language development in children. If you purchase a playhouse when your kids are young, the structure will endure plenty of wear and tear before they outgrow it. This is why it's important to choose a playhouse that's durable enough to last for years, while staying within your budget.

Wooden Playhouses

Wooden playhouses come in every style imaginable. Log cabins, schoolhouses, country cottages, bungalows, two-story manors, tree houses mansions – you name it, there is probably a wooden playhouse to replicate the design. And modern playhouse styles have evolved to include designs that appeal to little boys such as firehouses, trucks and police stations. These children's playhouses can be furnished with child-sized furniture, pictures and plants.

If you wish to purchase one of these elaborate wooden playhouses for your kids, it's going to cost you – big time. Some of these wooden playhouse plans can top out at over $10,000 – not including the furnishings. Of course, it's not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on a playhouse just for your children to have fun. There are plenty of simple wooden playhouses that can be purchased for less than $2, 000.

Plastic Playhouses

If your budget is skintight, paying more than a few hundred dollars for a playhouse kit may not be a feasible option. Plastic playhouses can give your kids the same type of enjoyment as wooden playhouses, but for a fraction of the cost. While plastic playhouses are not customizable, and don't come in nearly as many varieties as wooden ones, they are still lots of fun for children.

A Little Tykes playhouse is a budget-friendly option for a family. The Little Tykes toy company has a reputation for manufacturing outdoor toys that are both durable and affordable. There are also other manufacturers that produce safe, durable playhouses for children. Plastic playhouses can start at under $200, which is a small price of pay for the amount of use your kids will get out of it.

Children's playhouses come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them can cost an arm and a leg. But an outdoor playhouse can be enjoyed by your child until they're about six or seven years old. And if the playhouse is durable, it can be passed down to the younger kids in the family, or donated to a child who is less fortunate.

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