Wrought Iron Fence

Decorative metal garden fencing

Wrought iron has long been one of the most popular materials used to make ornamental fencing. Extremely strong and long-lasting, bars of wrought iron can be infused with intricate designs and patterns to create an elegant and distinctive look that lends a distinguished touch to your property.

While you can build an aluminum fence that has a similar look, no metal fence material has the same length of life and strength of wrought iron. You can expect a wrought iron fence to last a lifetime and beyond, with little maintenance required other than the occasional refinishing of the metal to repair the effects of time and exposure to the elements.

Creating Ornamental Fences

Making and installing a wrought iron decorative fence is a multistep process that will require you to hire a professional contractor. Whether you choose a standard pattern offered by a wrought iron fence producer or want to customize your own, the actual production of the fence itself has to take place in a foundry.

Many companies have a standard catalogue of ornamental fencing designs that will provide you with plentiful options to choose from. However, if you have a specialized intended application for your metal fence, such as a circular design to enclose a gazebo in your backyard, you'll likely have to go to the added expense of submitting a custom design request.

Regardless, the production and installation process takes place over five steps: design, fabrication, welding, installation and maintenance. All but the last must be handled by professionals with specialized skills and knowledge.

Pros and Cons of Metal Fencing

As with any type of fencing, whether protective or decorative, wrought iron fencing has both advantages and drawbacks. Unless you have your heart absolutely set on wrought iron, you should weigh these against your other fencing options to choose the right fit.

Wrought iron decorative fencing is, arguably, the most attractive type of fence you can get for your home. It has a decorative flair yet it's subdued; it offers clean lines yet features fine attention to detail. You can get a short fence if your intent is purely decorative or a tall fence if you want to combine high style with outstanding protection. A tall wrought iron fence is virtually impossible to climb or otherwise breach, and maintenance is practically nil, except for an occasional refinishing.

However, they can be very expensive to install, especially if you want a custom design. They can also be prone to rust, which can result in a pricey repair bill if it gets bad. In some cases, outright replacement of certain fence elements may be necessary if the rust cannot be fixed, which can cause problems if the foundry where your fence was made no longer exists.

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