Pool Fencing

Fences for swimming pool safety

Nobody likes to think about it, but if you own a pool, drowning is an ever-present possibility – especially if children use it. While a pool safety fence is not a substitute for proper swimming training and responsible adult supervision, they go a long way towards protecting unsuspecting people and pets from accidents.

In many jurisdictions, pool owners are required by law to erect pool fences. It's something you should strongly consider even if you're not legally compelled to put one up.

Types of Pool Fences

Numerous materials and pool fence designs are used to enhance the safety of your backyard swimming area. While each has its own advantages and drawbacks, they can all be customized to provide a high level of protection.

Removable mesh is a convenient swimming pool fence material, as it can easily be torn away for free access to the pool during a party or group event, then replaced afterwards to keep children and pets from gaining access to the water's edge.

Pool fence designs using tubular steel or aluminum tubing are very popular, as they're sturdy, provide very good protection, and are inexpensive. Glass fences, brick fences and wood fences can also be used if you want to build something that's off the beaten path.

Features of an Effective Swimming Pool Fence

While legal specifications for pool fences vary from place to place, there are numerous guidelines you must follow whether you're building above-ground pool fencing or a barrier around your inground pool. Make sure to:

  • Build isolation fencing whenever possible
  • Leave no vertical or horizontal gap greater than 1 inch
  • Create a fence that is at least 5 feet high at its lowest point
  • Eliminate any holes or gaps that a pet or child could squeeze through
  • Ensure that your locks and gates are working properly at all times
  • Build the fence away from landforms or objects that could provide someone with climbing assistance

In some places, you'll need to build a fence both around the immediate pool area as well as around the yard space in which the pool is built. If you have any questions about what's legally required of you, contact your local authorities.

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