Brick Fences

Brick, stone and concrete fence designs

For the ultimate in security and long-lasting reliability, brick fences set the standard. Not only do these fences look great, but they also offer you the ability to match the look of your fence to your house with more precision than any other fencing material.

The same is true of both stone fences and concrete fences. In fact, concrete can be much like a blank canvas; you can accentuate, decorate and differentiate it in an infinite number of ways. However, like all fence types, brick, stone and concrete fences have certain advantages and certain limitations. Here's a closer look at the pros and cons.

Advantages of Brick Fencing

There are limitless brick fence design possibilities, and this is one of brick's strongest appeals as a fencing material. You can make your brick fence to look like your brick house, or you can create something with an entirely different look. Brick, stone and concrete give you lots of freedom.

Maintenance of these fences is also minimal. The worst you're likely to be faced with is the odd chip or slight discoloration. They are extremely durable and, properly made, will last a lifetime.

Stone, brick and concrete fences are also extremely secure. When they're tall enough, and supplemented with the right accessories, they create a virtually impenetrable safety barrier around your house.

Disadvantages of Brick Fencing

The installation process is involved, and you'll require highly specialized construction skills if you want to do it yourself. Even if you only want to lay concrete fence posts or brick fence posts and close off the space between them with traditional wrought iron fencing or chain link fencing, the labor will be considerable.

Professional installation can be quite costly. Brick fences are among the most expensive options available, and your costs may be driven even higher if you have to hire someone to take care of your stone fence design because you lack the knowledge to plan one yourself.

If your home is not elevated higher than the level of the street, brick fences can obscure your home's exterior. While people seeking more privacy might find this advantageous, but most homeowners would prefer the façade of their house to be more prominent than the fence protecting it.

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