Outdoor Flooring

Durable outdoor floors

Outdoor flooring is any type of flooring that will be used outside as part of a patio, porch or deck. In some cases it may also be considered for use as garden flooring. Outdoor flooring is required in any area where grass or dirt simply won't do, and helps to achieve a style to match the rest of your outdoor decor. Some of the places that are most often used for outdoor flooring include outdoor porches, patios, walkways and pool surrounds.

Outdoor Flooring Types

Outdoor flooring options have grown in recent years. There are many that can help you achieve a signature look while also being easy to maintain:

  • Outdoor tile. This type of flooring that is versatile and is available in different materials like ceramic, shale and clay as well as in different sizes and patterns. While these tiles can last a long time, they may shatter if something heavy is dropped on them, especially if the tiles themselves are thin. Also, make sure you get unglazed outdoor tile which are less slippery when wet.
  • Outdoor carpet. Once the domain of Astroturf and not much else, outdoor carpet has come a long way in recent years. You can now invest in marine carpet with a rubber backing that prevents slips as well as being able to handle moist environments such as those on a pool deck. Outdoor carpeting is now available in styles and colors more consistent with indoor carpeting and is also available in outdoor carpet tile as well.
  • Porch flooring. Most porches have a concrete or wooden floor. If you're happy with a wood floor, you may just need some porch paint to touch it up and protect it from the elements. But if you're tired of your plain cement porch or ragged carpeting, consider getting hardwood outdoor tiles. You can get them in a variety of different colors that snap together quickly and easily. They come with a rubber base that raises the tile off the ground helping to distance it from moisture. They can be removed or switched around by simply unsnapping and placing them wherever you want.

Whichever flooring type you choose, there are plenty of options available to fit just about any budget or style that meets your needs.

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