Enjoy summer on your backyard deck

Having a deck is a great way to get outside and enjoy the summer weather by either getting some sun or grilling outdoors. But there are many other items you can add to enrich the experience and get the most enjoyment out of your porch. Here are some of them:

  • Deck furniture. Having the right furniture is key to getting the most out of your deck. There are many different options available, including lawn chairs, deck chairs, benches, tables or even a hammock.
  • Deck lighting. While it's easy to get into the habit of just using your deck while the sun is shining, you can also make it a more inviting place to hang out after dark with a little bit of lighting. Enjoy the stars and the cool night breeze.
  • Deck awning. Keep the sun and weather off your back with a deck awning. Whether you want to get some shade from the sun or shelter from the rain (but still enjoy the outdoors), an awning does the trick every time.
  • Sun deck. If you're a sun worshipper, having your own sun deck is a must. You don't need a lot to pull this off, just a nice sunny spot in your backyard where you can put down either wood or composite materials to build a deck. A more elaborate sun deck can be enclosed in glass so that you get plenty of sunshine plus protection from inclement weather.
  • Deck box. A deck box is an excellent way to store any of the things that you want to keep close at hand without cluttering up your porch at the same time. Children's toys are a great item to keep in a deck box; they're out of sight but still within easy reach. They're also great for yard tools or gardening supplies that you want to keep conveniently tucked away. Deck boxes can be made from wood or metal, but plastic deck boxes require the least amount of maintenance and can be left out in all kinds of weather.

Backyard decks are a great place to unwind on the weekend or after work; enjoy food and drink and some golden sunshine. Include some of the above items to make sure you're getting the best out of your deck.

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