Backyard Structures

Outdoor structures for backyard living

Backyard structures have both aesthetic and practical benefits. Not only do they add a distinctive touch of character to your garden or yard, they also provide vital storage space and safekeeping for the tools, maintenance equipment and recreational items you use on a regular basis.

Common garden buildings include tool sheds, sunrooms, greenhouses and outdoor play structures. However, if you're game for putting the time and effort into building garden structures for the pure artistic pleasure of it, decorative touches like pergolas, gazebos and trellises will make your backyard a much more inviting place to spend an afternoon or evening.

Practical Garden Buildings

You don't have to be a handyman to benefit from a tool shed; virtually every household has major pieces of yard maintenance equipment, like lawn mowers and grass trimmers, which need to be stored somewhere. Get creative and build a tool shed that mimics the appearance of your house, or one that adds a touch of timeless, distinctive appeal to complement the other elements of your garden.

If you're an avid gardener, a greenhouse offers the perfect way to protect your plants and flowers from the elements. Greenhouses provide you with a controlled growing environment, safeguarding your plants from extreme conditions such as excessive rain or sudden, unexpected temperature changes.

Get Creative with Your Backyard Structures

Regardless of whether you have any need or desire to build a tool shed, deck or greenhouse, you can always add to the character of your garden by adding a decorative structure.

If you have (or want) vines growing up the walls of your house or your deck, a trellis is an attractive way to ensure their healthy growth while preventing them from sprawling out of control. Trellises give you excellent control over the direction of the vine growth and let you trim and shape them as you please.

Should you have enough ambition and space, a pergola makes a stunning addition to any yard rich with vegetation. Pergolas are like trellises in that they foster an overgrowth of vines, leaves and flowers, but they're tunnel-shaped and roofed. They add majesty and elegance to your home and, when well-maintained, can even increase your property value.

Finally, if a touch of Asian flair appeals to you, Japanese garden structures are worth investigating. Unique sectioned fences and small bridges are two typical Japanese garden structures, and these can be used in tandem to segment your yard off into any number of individual gardens. They add an illusion of greater depth to your yard and, according to ancient Japanese philosophy, facilitate the flow of positive energy. They're perfect if you're the type of person who spares no effort or expense to make your home and yard look their best.

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